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Author Name | Wendy Milner
Manuscript in Submission | November, 2018

Ages 4 to 7 years. Themes include bullying, inclusion and friendship.

It is easy to misjudge the shy and quiet, the curious and clumsy. Instead we admire the outgoing and confident, the fast and agile. Bliss is quietly curious. She spends much of her day distracted by the things around her when she should be focused on the work at hand. Mr Jones and the other working dogs find this very frustrating. Bliss doesn’t mean to get distracted, it just happens.

Sometimes though, being curious comes in handy. Bliss notices the long grass flicking in a strange direction, she detects the whiff of something unfamiliar... but what can Bliss do? She must get her friends to listen and help save the day?  

Bliss is my second picture book manuscript intended for children aged between 4 and 7 years old.