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My inner-voice repeatedly asked … Do I have the skill to write this story? Should this be my second or even third novel? Is the story too ambitious for a first-time novelist? Will I look back in time and be disappointed by how I wrote it?

My inner voice was crippling until Margaret Atwood said something to me.


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It’s exactly 12 months since we moved to California and I’m beginning to feel grammatically challenged!

During my Mum’s recent visit, we were commenting on the fact that none of us have developed a US accent (yet). What we had developed, however, was a different vocabulary. There was no change to our intonation but we were saying things like candy (lollies), trash (bin), practice (training). It’s funny how we can sound the same while sounding so different. The thing is, it’s quite a funny story…

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Bliss found a home in New York… until she didn’t.

I'm guessing you think I'm super excited to tell you this news.

When the email came through earlier this month, my instant reaction was to screen shot the front page of the contract and share it with everyone. My social media sites were primed and ready to go before I took a moment and thought ... "Hang on; pause a sec’ Wend. This is public announcement stuff and you haven't accepted the offer yet!"

I’m so glad for that pause. It probably saved me thousands…

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November marks the 2nd anniversary of my first book launch.

The road to self-published author was much longer than I anticipated.  It took 7 years from the day I sat down to write Dad’s story until I had something to share. Most of this delay was because I was so determined to “do-it-alone”, but there were other delays like finding an illustrator, finding a graphic designer, finding a printer, and so the list goes.

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For the first time ever I’ve committed to NaNoWriMo and in so doing have joined the hordes of the suddenly antisocial as we attempt to write as many words as possible over the next 31 days. My goals are modest. I’m aiming for 10,000 words by November 31st.

Here’s a quick glimpse into the novel that I’m writing …

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As you can see, Bliss was a real dog. In fact, she was a Red Setter who lived on a farm in Badgingarra (yes that’s a real place - google it - middle of nowhere, Western Australia). Bliss was a very beloved part of the family, but she was different to the working dogs - Chip and Boot. Boot was an awarding winning sheepdog - he was fast and smart and obedient and also a really sweet dog. Chip was his son (chip off the ole’ block; or Boot as it turns out). I actually feel a bit guilty that I’ve used his name to create a not-so-nice character. That’s a little unfair don’t you think?

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