I’m aiming for 10,000 words in 31 days.


For the first time ever I’ve committed to NaNoWriMo and in so doing have joined the hordes of the suddenly antisocial as we attempt to write as many words as possible over the next 31 days. My goals are modest. I’m aiming for 10,000 words by November 31st.

There’s a quick glimpse into the novel that I’m writing below with a brief Synopsis & the Prologue. You can cheer me on at NaNoWriMo by clicking through here!

Wish me luck.


Cassie Long has done the unthinkable. She has named her new born son Yazi - Yazi Long.

To Cassie, the name is perfect. The Yazi are sons of the Dragon King Lungwang. It's a strong name that will represent both sides of family - his father Ray's traditional Chinese heritage and her own English surname of Long.

Yazi Dragons are famous in China for their lust of the kill. They are warriors, adorning swords and weapons for centuries. It's a dangerous name and one Ray's family are horrified to see invoked in an innocent child.

While Cassie laughs off the superstition, her new family prepare themselves for the curse that they know must follow.



Oh my god’! She just spat on me’ I think as I slowly drag my forefinger across my cheek. I take a moment to process what it is that I am seeing and I’m surprised by the vehemency in her voice. The old lady really is pissed!


I look for Raymond around the hospital room, finding his face at last and searching it imploringly for any sign of indigence or support. He is blank. Staring mutely into the distance - he is beyond eye reach, behind my gaze and staring at his feet; unprepared to fight for my dignity or worse, unprepared to fight for his. His mother is still screaming at me.


I can feel a smile creeping its way into the room despite my better judgement and against my will. I can’t help but smile as every western stereotype of angry women suddenly flash through my memory. ‘Basil!’

I suppress a giggle.

It was a bad move. Her face has become rigid and her shoulders have started to shudder. As she stands up, I cant help but notice the droplets of spit leave her teeth and dribble down her chin. “NO SUCH NAME!” she yells in my face. Yazi begins to cry. The bitch has woken him up…

I turn my gaze away from the irate old woman and soothe my baby boy, rubbing his soft black hair gently. I must remind myself that I am not alone in this room and it is considered impolite to argue back. Hostile old woman. She’s lucky that Ray has insisted she be here in the first place. Yazi is only two hours old and I’m desperate for some more sleep. Bitch. Who does she think she is? I hear a door slam and look up into the small room. I am surrounded by Ray’s family. They are beautiful people, mostly. The family resemblance is uncanny, deep brown eyes, slightly elongated, high bushy eyebrows, chiseled cheek bones, slender lips, same intensity of stare. What sets each of them apart is their choice of eyewear; offering me a glimpse into their individual personalities. I’m slow to notice that Ray’s Grandmother has left the hospital.

“Don’t listen to her Yazi.” I whisper. “We have given you a strong name. A name that blends the traditional Chinese from your Dad with my maiden-name of Long. You are the 7th grandson on my side and the first grandchild to Ray’s family here in China. You are named after the 7th son of the Dragon King, Yazi. Ssshhh. You are making me look bad. Please stop crying now.”