Grandad and the Baby Dolphin

Grandad and the Baby Dolphin


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Title: Grandad and the Baby Dolphin

Author: Wendy Milner

Illustrator: Naomi Bulger

Publisher: Self Published

Genre: Juvenile Fiction; Picture Books

Age Group: 4 to 7 years

Themes & issues raised:

The key themes and emotions in this story are of caring and belonging.

The story is told within the context of caring for the environment but extends into family (the dolphins) and friendship (Grandad and his friends). This story, fundamentally, is also about being kind.

This book creates a valuable opportunity to discuss the current impact we are having on our oceans. My readings often lead to discussions about paper bags resembling food, singe-use plastic waste and recycled materials prior to the invention of plastic. I have an original 1920s glass-buoy once used by local Indonesian fisherman; which I take into the classroom as an illustration of how things have changed.

Also, it is a common misconception that fisherman are not concerned for the wildlife in the ocean, which is both unfair and untrue. Many fisherman, especially in Western countries such as Australia, are very conversationally minded. Their livelihood depends on mutual respect. We talk a bit about that to.

However, the most important theme in this book for our young readers is to understand the importance of simply being kind. A simple act of kindness can have a big impact in its own way. Grandad and his friends discover this.

This story was inspired by:

‘Grandad’ Les Brookes was my father and a cray-fisherman in Jurien, Western Australia. My sisters and I grew up listening to Dad’s stories about the many dolphins, sharks, whales, birds and seals that he came across each day. Grandad and the Baby Dolphin was a family favourite. It has been told over and over again to my nieces and nephews, along with anyone else who had the patience for another one of Les’ yarns.

Unfortunately, Dad passed away from Motor Neurone Disease (or ALS) in 2009. My children were still very little and I made a promise before he died that my children would know his stories. With Naomi’s help, we are slowly keeping that promise as we work towards sharing his fables in print for a generation of future ocean lovers and fisherman alike.

My favourite part of the book is:

the rest page, “They did this all the way home ... and Grandad felt great!” It’s such a huge celebration that lasted all the way home. We can all imagine how great that would feel.

My least favourite part is:

when “the ropes are grabbing his skin ... dragging him down deeper and deeper into the ocean.

Wendy, please send me a note when Grandad and the Baby Dolphin is available.

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